General Motors vehicles being produced in the upcoming years will feature in-house and unique tech solutions. The automaker has made plans to bring 90 percent of its IT work in house over the next three to five years.

GM announced earlier this month plans to open a software development center in Warren, Michigan, which will add 1,500 software and data management workers over the next four years. A month prior to that, the automaker announced a new IT facility in Texas and plans to open two additional facilities.

In addition, General Motors announced that it is hiring 3,000 Hewlett-Packard employees who previously worked for GM. The workers will provide technology solutions, in hopes of increasing technological efficiency and engineering from the automaker, so they will not have to outsource technological solutions. The plan streamlines efficiency and saves the automaker on technology purchases and decisions.

Randy Mott, GM's chief information officer , started at GM in February, previously holding the same position at Hewlett Packard, telling the Detroit Free Press that he is looking to update GM's outdated IT systems. He said the new and current employees will be seeing changes to the way in which they go about their jobs, in accordance with the plan he has in place.

“General Motors is undergoing one of the most profound transformations in our corporate history and GM IT is an important part of that transformation,” Mott told Bloomberg. “We’re transforming our IT operating model to improve performance, reduce the cost of ongoing IT operations and increase the level of innovation that we deliver to the business.”

Mott added that with the new employees, GM hopes to be updated within the next six months.

"The jobs that people will be doing will be changing," Mott said in a conference call. "The way they go about their job will be changing. It will not be static in any way."

Hewlett-Packard has been struggling with slow demand for their printers, services and data-center equipment lately. The company announced it will be cutting 29,000 jobs by October 2014, in an attempt to generate annual savings by as much as $3.5 billion beginning in 2014.

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