The Detroit Free Press announced earlier this month that Honda is recalling more than 820,000 Civic compact cars and Pilot SUVs due to problems with the headlights. The automaker said that wires connecting a switch that controls the turn signals and headlights could overheat and melt, disabling the low-beam headlights.

The source reported that the recall affects 2002 and 2003 Civics and 2004 and 2005 Pilots. No injuries or accidents were reported as a result of the faulty headlights.

Now, Honda could facing an even larger recall, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the 2005 Honda Pilot and the 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe for unrelated safety issues due to problems with the vehicle's brakes and/or steering, the Detroit News reported.

The NHTSA has received 185 complaints pertaining to the 2005 Pilot for unexpected heavy deceleration or steering when the brakes were applied. The problem is estimated to affect 87,000 Pilots and is due to faulty software which controls the brake assist, which is incorrectly detecting a panic stop during normal braking, causing a vehicle to stop faster than expected, the source reported.

Of the complaints, nearly 20 said that the hard braking also caused the steering to veer as the brake assist is integrated with Vehicle Stability Assist, which controls anti-lock brakes, stability control and traction control. The problem would appear to require a software update to fix the problem, the source reported.

In addition the NHTSA has received one complaint pertaining to steering column shaft failure that could affect nearly 70,000 Santa Fe crossovers. The complaint was filed after a Santa Fe, with low mileage, lost its ability to steer after the steering column failed. The report by Hyundai indicates that the car could have lost control due to a bolt coming loose, causing the steering column to separate, but details are still uncertain, the source reported.

Both the Pilot and Santa Fe vehicles are being investigated and no recall has been issued.

While recalls within the auto industry are highly common, these issues are particularly glaring because of the potential for danger associated with faulty brakes and steering. In addition, car owners are encouraged to have their brakes and steering columns checked often by a local auto body shop.

Replacing a brake's pads every so often is far cheaper than having to replace both pads and rotors. Preventative maintenance saves more money in the long run.