A recent report issued by the Association of Global Automakers is urging car owners to make sure the original type of airbags are replaced in a vehicle following a collision. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a consumer warning for the dangers involved in counterfeit airbags, which could have been installed without motorists knowing. The NHTSA has included more information on their website providing which vehicles are at risk.

"We want to make sure vehicles on the road are as safe as possible," said Mike Stanton, Global Automakers president and CEO. "That is why we are fully cooperating with NHTSA to help get this message out.  While NHTSA thinks this is limited to a small number of vehicles, it is important that consumers verify that their vehicles have original equipment replacement airbags."

Anyone who has had their airbag replaced in the last three years could benefit from having a local auto body shop look into whether the airbag currently installed is correct.

A separate study by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that risky driver behavior for those ages 16 and 17 increases when other teenage passengers are present. This imposes large implications on teenage driving, considering it is the leading cause of death for the age group in the United States.

"Teen crashes remain a huge problem nationwide," said AAA Foundation President and CEO Peter Kissinger. "Our past research clearly shows how young passengers substantially increase a novice driver's risk of being in a fatal crash, and these new findings underscore the need to refocus our efforts, to address the problem, from state legislatures to parents."

The study showed that the prevalence of speeding increased 30 percent with no other teen passengers in the car, 44 percent with two teen passengers and 48 percent with three or more teen passengers present.

Teen drivers are involved in more car accidents per mile than any other age. Parents are encouraged to intervene when it comes to driving with multiple passengers and when it comes to driving at night, if state laws are not in place already. Parents can also have a vehicle serviced to ensure all systems, including brakes, belts & hoses and lighting are working properly.