recently showed that fuel economy for light vehicles sold during September was unchanged from August. The authority in car pricing information, trends and forecasting reported that the TrueMPG increased to 23.2 mpg in September, up from 22 mpg in September 2011 and unchanged from August 2012.

Motorists who practice preventative maintenance can improve on their vehicle's fuel efficiency.

AAA recently released results of a survey showing that 63 percent of all car owners have a built-in system in their car reminding them when they need maintenance. Of those with the systems, 51 percent said they solely rely on the system to remind them when they need maintenance to their car.

"The advancements in modern maintenance reminder systems take the guesswork out of deciding when to take your vehicle in for service," said John Nielsen, director of AAA automotive engineering and repair. "The challenge now is educating consumers to trust that their vehicle will alert them when maintenance is needed."

AAA encourages vehicle owners to read their car's manual to know when maintenance should be done. Certain maintenance like an oil change can be done by an owner but work on brakes and other areas should be done by certified technicians at a local auto shop.