Toyota announced that it is recalling 7.43 million Toyota and Scion brand vehicles worldwide. The recall affect dozens of models that were manufactured from 2005 through 2010.

Nearly 2.5 million of the recalled vehicles were distributed in North America. They include the Yaris, Corolla, Matrix, Camry, RAV4, Highlander, Tundra, Sequoia and Scion models xB and xD.

The vehicles are being recalled due to a problem with the power-window switch. During production, the automaker said the switch did not have grease evenly applied to it, so it could therefore cause friction and in certain cases cause the car to smoke. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received 200 incident reports in the United States alone pertaining to the recall but none of them led to crashes or injuries.

The recent announcement accounts for the largest recall since 1996 when Ford had to recall 7.9 million vehicles. Toyota used to pride itself in quality standards but recent years have accounted for a large number of recalls. Toyota recalled 14 million vehicles in 2009 and 2010.

Toyota used to be at the top of the charts for quality control within the auto industry but recent years have cause the automaker to fall sharply in the ranks, having recalled 14 million vehicles in that time. Toyota officials were taken before Congress to explain 2009 and 2010 recalls related to an unintended acceleration issue.

In 2010, Toyota had more vehicle involved in recalls than any other automaker and fell just short of that achievement again in 2011, after a late-in-the-year recall caused Honda to recall 1.7 million vehicles. Recalls are common in the auto industry, but with today's announcement, it would appear Toyota and Honda are in another race to lead the list of recalled vehicles.

Honda recently announced that it is recalling nearly 489,000 CR-Vs in the United States. The recall is being issued because rainwater could enter the power switch to the driver door and in some cases could cause the car to catch fire. The affected vehicles are from the model years 2002 to 2006.

The automaker received five reports of switch fires but said that no crashes or injuries have occurred as a result of the recall.

The massive recalls are a good reminder for motorists to have their cars serviced frequently. Local auto body shops can be sure there are no glaring issues with a vehicle and could potentially save of future costs. It is important to have a vehicle's brakes, engine and fluids checked to increase its lifespan.