Motorists are having hundreds of car care tips for the winter thrown at them from every auto expert in the industry, but some are now worried about the cost of preventative maintenance. With this considered, Milford Live recently published tips for stretching car care dollars that might be helpful to motorists.

According to the source, preventative maintenance can be worth the cost, as it ensures that a small repair doesn't turn into one that could cost motorists thousands of dollars to fix. Cars shouldn't be allowed to stay idle for long periods of time. Oil pressure may not be strong enough to pump oil through all parts of an engine to protect and lubricate.

The source suggests accelerating slowly when starting a car up after it's been left sitting for a long period of time. The first 20 minutes of a vehicle being in operation can cause the most wear damage in an engine and drive train.

On those cold winter mornings, it's encouraged to not warm vehicles up anymore considering advancements have been made in technology that make having a car sitting for an extended amount of time detrimental to the vehicle's engine. Warming up a car can be harmful considering it's not operating under peak conditions. Automatic transmission vehicles should also be placed in neutral at red lights because even when it's stopped, its engine is working to push forward, which could be detrimental to the car, in addition to wasting fuel.

Accelerating abruptly and stopping on a dime can also be dangerous to the health of a vehicle. The brakes will be affected and motorists will need to have them replaced sooner if they aren't constantly putting the car through fast stops and starts, which could also affect gas mileage.

When turning the wheel, motorists should be sure that they don't turn it to the extreme in either direction, which could place an unnecessary amount of wear on the power steering pump.

Also, keeping alot of keychains on a vehicle's keys are known to have a negative effect on a car's ignition switch. The weight of the keys have been proven to cause unnecessary wear on the ignition switch, which could lead to the switch not working properly in the long run.

If you've ever been given advice to fill a vehicle's windshield washer reservoir with water if no antifreeze is available, you should make sure to ignore that advice. During the winter time, motorists should make sure they are using antifreeze because using water will cause the fluid to freeze and cause damage to the system. Plain water is also not known for being the best at cleaning a vehicle's windshield.

The last tips given by the source is to have a car's oil changed frequently to flush out harmful material, such as dirt and metals, from your engine. Every part of the vehicle is important, but ensuring the parts are well-oiled and lubricated could be the difference between a car starting up or malfunctioning during the winter.

October has been named Fall Car Care Month, giving motorists a chance to become educated on their vehicles before they hit the roads this winter. Auto experts are encouraging motorists to have their vehicles serviced before the cold weather hits, which would put them in a better position once temperatures slip below zero.

"This fall, as changing weather affects driving conditions, proper car care becomes even more important for safe driving," said Matt Hoskins, president of Bridgestone Retail Operations. "The statistics are startling – although three out of four drivers wash their cars every month, only one in seven correctly checks tire pressure."