The auto industry has come a long way since the first Model-T Ford rolled off production lines, making significant advances in safety, technology and fuel efficiency, especially over the last several years. Now, new technology is allowing drivers to have a safer ride and keep their eyes on the road.

Engineers are working on the technology that warns drivers once they drift out of their lanes or when pedestrians or other vehicles are in their blind spots, according to USA Today.

Cars are also being fitted with digital rear view mirrors, large color touch screens, internet connectivity and voice-recognition systems that are similar to those seen in futuristic movies and television shows released years ago.

Another breakthrough technology that is now being implemented in BMW's luxury vehicles is the ConnectedDrive system, which combines navigation, infotainment and Web services. The screens placed in the vehicles have 3D graphics chips that gives motorists technology unseen in previous models.

Ford is also now offering cutting edge technology in its car-infotainment system called MyFordTouch, which could increase the sales performance of the automaker's vehicles over the next several months.