Usually, September comes with lower gas prices, but due to low inventories and other factors, gas prices remained well above their prices when compared to last year. David Parsons, AAA’s chief executive, said in AAA's Fuel Gauge Report that gas prices for September were going to be high because of tight supply, and he was right.

“The outlook for the next few weeks is grim,” Parsons said. “In prior years this was a time when prices started downward, but speculation in oil futures is driving the price up every day."

Hopefully this trend does not continue into October but if it does, you might need to be ready with some fuel saving techniques.

How to save on fuel
The best way to save on fuel is to drive with care and that means slowing down. As a car's speed increases the amount of fuel being pumped into the engine also increases and more gas is burned, the same goes for accelerating quickly. Both of these driving habits significantly reduce the fuel efficiency of a car.

A recent Penn Schoen study showed that drivers are actually changing their behavior while driving in order to save on fuel costs. Respondents said they were more likely to slow down, coast more to stops, rather than hit the brakes quickly, and some even reported drafting behind larger vehicles, all to save on fuel.

Another helpful tip for saving gas is to park in the shade.

"If you let your car bake in the sun there's going to be a greater amount of evaporative emissions that take place than if you park in the shade," said Jim Kliesch, research associate at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and vehicle analyst for

You may also want to purchase a windshield shade to block the heat from entering the inside of your car. In addition, those who have a garage should use it. Not only does this block the heat but during the winter months, a car stays warmer in a garage and you won't have to waste fuel heating it up.

Drivers should also take advantage of their cruise control. Like the fuel lost in accelerating quickly, cruise control helps a driver maintain a constant speed, rather than fluctuations that are unavoidable when a foot is on the pedal. In addition, drivers should clear out their cars of unnecessary items. Even dropping the weight by a few pounds could save on a significant amount of fuel in the long run.