According to AAA Chicago's most recent Fuel Gauge Report, it's estimated that the average gas price in Illinois increased by $0.04 in September when compared with August, and increased $0.31 from September 2011.

Gas prices averaged $3.99 in September, which is only down $0.01 from August 2012 and up $0.35 from September 2011.

Estimates for the rest of the year don't look good for motorists and AAA expects prices to continue to break daily record through the end of the year, possibly not lowering until the beginning of November.

"Motorists are frustrated because gas prices are on the rise at a time of year when they typically begin to decline," said Beth Mosher, director of public affairs for AAA Chicago. "Despite an end to the busy driving season, record-low supplies are preventing drivers from catching much of a break."

Motorists may still want to avoid purchasing BP fuel, which has affected the performance of some vehicles as a result of a fuel recall in the Illinois area.