A Congress of Automotive Repair and Service event will take place October 10-13 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, and will be held during Automotive Service & Repair Week. It will be dedicated to mechanical service and repair professionals.

CARS recently announced that the event is seeing a 73 percent increase in square footage, when compared to last year, along with an increase in mechanical attendees. Also new to the event this year, automotive service shop operator and radio talk show host Bobby Likis will broadcast his show from the CARS floor on October 13. He will also be conducting interviews at his booth, and will also feature a live videocast streaming.

“CARS is ‘the’ all-call for the automotive service industry, so we’re packing up the Car Clinic show trailer to shine a bright spotlight on the event,” Likis said. “And, we’re bringing with us the Renewable Fuels Association – the trade association for the U.S. ethanol industry – and Ricardo Engineering’s Extreme Boost Direct Injection (EBDI) engine, optimized for the high-octane properties of ethanol. Technology will rock and roll!”

Areas like the Profit Building Pavilion, which will feature customer service-related products to event goers, and the ASA Marketplace, which will offer special discounts to Automotive Service Association members, are encouraging attendees to take advantage of show specials.

“The mechanical service and repair side of the industry has always been a critically important, valuable element of ASRW, and this year, all participants of ASRW can expect CARS to have a bigger footprint than ever in Louisiana” said Ron Pyle, ASA president. “With more vendors, more attendees and 90 hours of mechanical-focused education, this is another positive indicator that the entire industry will be in New Orleans for ASRW.”

CARS is also featuring hands-on, 45-minute scan tool demonstrations on Thursday, October 11, and Friday, October 12, conducted by Automotive Electronic Solutions for no cost attendees. Also at the event is the Mechanical Management Symposium, a six hour educational event hosted by Chris Frederick that will be offered for those with a Super Pass, which can be purchased for $175 online.

The event looks to educate attendees on how to extend the lives of their vehicles. The best way to avoid costly service repairs is to periodically service a vehicle. Maintenance to brakes and an engine can make all the difference while driving and can also ensure a passenger's safety.

A recent Penn Schoen study showed that drivers are changing their behaviors on the road to save on fuel costs. Motorists responded saying they have slowed down, started coasting to stops more often and even slip streamed behind larger vehicles. This conservative driving behavior not only saves on fuel, but also saves on potential service costs in the future.

Motorists are also encouraged to drive with care. This means not braking and accelerating too quickly. This style of driving can be detrimental to a car's brakes and rotors and can also affect gas mileage, costing you more money at the pump. The same goes with turning a steering wheel. Do it with care, or else you are placing extra pressure on the power steering pump, that could need costly repairs later on.

Drivers can extend the life of an engine by putting an automatic transition in neutral while idling at red lights. An engine is still working to push forward while idling and placing it in neutral allows it to rest while stopped and can improve fuel mileage.

Preventative maintenance is the ideal way to save on fuel and costly repairs down the road.