Want some relationship advice? Take your significant other on a road trip.

According to a new survey of more than 1,000 couples by YourTango.com, in collaboration with Ford Motor Company, 91 percent of couples said they have taken a road trip together and 84 percent of them agreed that the trip strengthened their relationship.

"Ford has always believed that getting there is more than half the fun; that's why we're so excited about the new Fusion," said Samantha Hoyt, Ford Fusion Marketing manager. "With its sleek styling, comfortable interior and customer-centered technology, it's all about taking those good times on the road."

Being placed in a confined space for a long period of time gives couples quality time in various ways. Of the respondents, 63 percent said they agree or strongly agree they are affectionate with their partner while driving, holding hands or kissing when the vehicle came to a stop. In addition, 57 percent said they see driving as a good time to discuss important topics with their spouse or partner. The three favorite ways to pass the time while in the car were, talking and catching up (63 percent), playing their favorite music (60 percent) and getting quiet time together and taking in the sights (37 percent).

"We were excited to learn Ford is eager to provide couples a space to communicate and enjoy quality time together on the road ? such an insightful, worthwhile objective," said Andrea Miller, YourTango CEO . "With so many couples struggling with stress and looking for ways to stay connected, we can now offer a new, easy answer: Try going on a road trip!"

There are various factors you can do to improve a road trip. Of the respondents, 73 percent said the car's interior affected the level of comfort while on the road, 42 percent said cars noises affect the driving experience and 77 percent say an upgrade on features improves togetherness while in the car.

Potential road trippers are encouraged to get their car worked on at a local auto service shop before hitting the road. Services crucial before hitting the road include having brakes and fluids checked, evaluating windshield wipers and inspecting a car's battery and engine. Keeping a car tuned up can avoid numerous problems on the road that can potentially cut into quality time with a loved one.