Bosch was recently voted as the favorite brand for spark plugs by more than 3,130 consumers who read Popular Mechanics.

This marks the third straight year that Bosch Spark Plugs have been named the favorite spark plug brand in the magazine's Reader's Choice Awards. Among at least 10 competing brands, Bosch came out victorious.

Spark plugs have two functions, which include igniting the air and fuel mixture and removing the heat from the combustion chamber. Electrical energy is transmitted through the spark plug, which then jumps the gap in the plugs firing end if the voltage supplied to the plug is high enough. The electrical spark then ignites the gasoline/air mixture in the combustion chamber.

The other function, removing heat from the combustion chamber, occurs because the spark plugs cannot create heat, but can only remove heat.

Bosch invented the first commercially viable high voltage spark plugs in 1902 and has been used by auto manufacturers since then to power their popular vehicles. The company also developed the concept of heat ranges for spark plugs, which is still used around the world today.

“Popular Mechanics readers demand quality and performance in any product they install,” said Bill Congdon, publisher and chief revenue officer for publisher Popular Mechanics. "They are very savvy when it comes to their automobiles, and often are turned to for automotive advice by their neighbors, friends and family. We congratulate Bosch for this honor."

The spark plug manufacturer is also known for making the first copper core and platinum plug, matching spark plugs to individual cars in the replacement market.

“Bosch spark plugs provide the motorist with real performance that will contribute to easy starting, improved acceleration, and good fuel economy for tens of thousands of miles,” said Mark Wilkinson, group product manager of spark plugs for Bosch in North America.

According to, manufacturers are currently working on developing a laser car ignition system that will promise better fuel efficiency and lower pollution than the ones traditionally used. With the technology being developed, spark plugs might be seen as a thing of the past if tests are successful. The laser technology is highly anticipated since it will improve the performance of vehicles.