A car is often a reflection of a driver and even more often, a car's appearance is a reflection of a driver. You could have the nicest newest Lamborghini but if its paint job is tarnished and its interior is unsightly then it's only going to turn heads in a bad way for its unkempt appearance.

Keeping a car clean not only offers a driver a better, healthier driving atmosphere, but it also conserves the car's value if you were considering a resale in the future. The most important thing you could do to extend the life of your car and keep it looking new is preventative maintenance. Having your brakes and engine checked will not only keep your car up to date but it can also avoid potential costly repairs in the future that could have been avoided.

More suggestions to keep your car looking like new are as follows: Purchase all-weather floor mats. The winter season is coming up and that means an increased amount of water and mud. Nothing makes a car more unsightly than a ruined carpet or stained floor mats that could have easily been avoided with rubber all-weather mat. Not only will they protect your car but cleaning is also much easier.

The Next suggestion is seat covers. These will protect the normal wear and tear that fabric or leather is subject to, and sheepskin covers in particular provide extra comfort that doesn't heat up in the summer or get cold in the winter. In addition, cargo liners can be purchased for trunk and cargo area wear and tear.

Park your car in your garage if possible. The sun is extremely damaging to a vehicle in that it will dry out the paint, plastic, rubber and upholstery in your car causing a faded appearance and discoloration. Besides the sun, hail, acid rain, tre sap, bird droppings and foliage can easily damage a vehicle, but not when it's put inside a garage.

Bringing out the next point: Wash and wax a car often. Unless you are entirely sure you can wash a car on your own, take it to a professional wax and wash business. If car cleaning products are infiltrated by the smallest amount of dirt, washing a car could mean scrapping a cars paint. Washing and waxing can significantly improve the paint job of a vehicle keeping it fresh.

“Your car’s exterior is constantly being assaulted by all kinds of potentially hazardous substances – many of which you can’t even see,” Glenn Canady, president of 5 Star Technologies, a company that makes vehicle maintenance products, told MLive. “The dangers are everywhere, tiny droplets of sticky sap from trees that get on your car and will not only attract dirt and dust, but will bake into the paint surface and leave stains. And what we may think of as innocuous bird droppings are actually highly acidic substances which can erode paint and clear coat finishes."

As for the interior of the car, vacuuming can go a long way and tends to be abandoned after an owner has had a car for a while. Without vacuuming, dirt and other harmful substances can accumulate inside a car and work their way into the carpeting. Not only does this cause an unsightly aged looked to a car's interior but it can also have a corrosive effect, breaking down and damaging the material permanently.

In addition, it is important to clean and condition the dashboard and other vinyl and leather in you car for the same reason.