Apple recently released its highly anticipated iPhone 5, which has already become a hit among consumers who have pre-ordered the phone before it was officially released to the public. With the new iPhone expected to break records in sales, Total Car Score, one of the leading sources of new and used car information, recently rated the best iPhone 5 apps for drivers that might give them yet another reason to purchase the new Apple smartphone.

"With the release of the iPhone 5, drivers will have an excellent selection of useful and fun driving aids," said Karl Brauer, editor-in-chief of Total Car Score. "Beyond the new iPhone 5's larger display screen and excellent native apps, these are our favorite driving-related apps. All of the apps in the list, with the exception of MotionX GPS, are free in the App Store."

One of the top apps available for the iPhone 5 is the MotionX GPS, which allows drivers to pull destination points from their contact lists, gives live traffic navigation and turn-by-turn directions. The app also allows drivers access to up-to-date maps and search, Facebook Places and Wikipedia integration. Motorists can even utilize the app to view portrait or landscape views to accommodate various docking systems.

Another app that can provide iPhone users with a smoother ride is the app, which allows drivers a safer ride when they're behind the wheel. The app gives motorists an opportunity to keep their eyes on the road while it reads text messages and emails without the driver having to touch the phone.

"The iPhone 5 will debut with safe driving features," Brauer added. "Without even downloading an app on your new iPhone 5, you'll be able to utilize the new 'ignore, screen, or answer' feature to drive more safely. You can also set a time or location-based callback reminder before even getting in your car."

Brauer said that the 'do not disturb' feature allows calls to be sent straight to voicemail if they aren't identified as accepted numbers from the user's contact list. This option gives drivers fewer distractions if they're on the phone while driving and another call comes through which isn't considered important.

The music apps that are available on the new iPhone 5 can also eliminate distractions on the road. Downloading Pandora, SlackerRadio or Spotify, which were voted as favorites by editors of Total Car Score, keeps drivers from searching for CDs throughout their cars, giving them the option to listen to a specific station and just press one button or use the voice activated controls if they want to change the song.

Pandora, SlackerRadio and Spotify have all made their apps more user-friendly for drivers. One app even allows drivers to listen to an audiobook while they're behind the wheel.
Yelp was also rated as a significantly helpful service available on the new iPhone, which could takes the performance of the smartphone to new heights that phones in the past have not yet reached. The app, along with Siri, can act as an assistant that helps the driver find nearby restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters and other public places without having to take an eye of the road.

The GasBuddy app has also proven to be one of the most popular among motorists, detailing the location and prices of gas stations in the area.

An survey showed that there is an inconsistency between distracted driving attitudes and behaviors. Respondents voted unanimously that there should be laws against distracted driving but a large percentage also said that they also engage in risky behaviors on the road such as texting and checking emails.