Changing your own car oil is so easy even a grandma can do it, and one does.

Margaret Dunning, a 102-year-old Michigan woman, has been changing the oil to her 1930 Packard 740 Packard Roadster for 63 years, nearly every 3,000 miles. She purchased the car in 1949 and hasn't stopped driving it since, recently returning from a classic car show in Canton,Ohio, over the weekend.

As for the car, it has been restored to mint condition and Dunning even changed her spark plugs throughout all those years.

“I love the old cars,” Dunning told The Akron Beacon Journal. “I love the smell of gasoline. It runs in my veins.”

Dunning has been driving for more than 90 years. Thats right, she learned how to drive on her family's dairy and potato farm outside of Detroit when she was 8, crashed into the barn when she was 10 and received her driver's license when she was 12, now she's 102 and still changing her oil.

Individuals looking to spruce up their cars can get certain maintenance at an auto shop, including brakes checks, lighting & electrical inspections and additional checks. If you're thinking about changing your own oil be sure to consult your car's owner's manual, to confirm the proper type of oil and amount required for the vehicle.