"Make sure you warm up the car before heading out." This is often heard by younger drivers who need their vehicles regardless if it's cold outside, but auto experts have recently suggested that warming up a car isn't necessary any longer.

According to Tom Torbjornsen of AOL Autos, warming up a car for 10 minutes before pulling off isn't necessary anymore because cars now have computer driven performance systems that compensate for outdoor temperatures and cold engines.

The source suggests that pulling off after running the car for a couple minutes won't affect the performance of the vehicle and won't damage the engine.

The reason older cars needed to be warmed up is because they had primitive fuel delivery systems, low voltage and poor lubricants. The fuel delivery system was a carburetor when warming a vehicle up was necessary. The carburetor mixed the fuel to make it suitable for combustion in the engine, which was a mechanical process.

Ignition system are now generating a higher and consistent spark output and lubricants have become more advanced, giving the car all it needs to accelerate immediately after a couple minutes of warming up.

Despite the report from AOL Autos, General Motors released a statement recommending motorists warm their engine before driving as a way to reduce engine pollutants.