More Americans might start using daytime headlights to stay safe on the roads after seeing the results of a recently released study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The NHTSA reported that fewer traffic accidents happen during the nighttime than during the day, which is when more pedestrians and vehicles are on the roads. Considering safety is at the forefront of many Americans' minds, more drivers might make a trip to their mechanic to make sure they have the daytime running lights to improve their performance on the roads.

One of the best ways to ensure safety during the daytime - when traffic accidents are at their highest - is to install daytime running lights. DRLs have been proven to reduce multiple-vehicle daytime crashes by as much as 11 percent. They have also proven to prevent daytime head-on and front-corner collisions by making it easier for motorists to see other vehicles.

Auto experts also recommend inspecting signal lamps to make sure they are working properly and aren't cracked. Wiper blades should also be checked regularly to make sure they aren't useless when they're needed the most.

Guy Eaton, a service manager at Stewart's Auto, recently suggested using rubbing alcohol on a piece of cloth to clean the blades.