As part of their "Be Car Care Aware" consumer education campaign, which helps consumers with regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair, the nonprofit Car Care Council recently announced that it will be releasing four segments of its award winning consumer video "Auto Service and Repair: What to Expect," to its YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter pages.

"The goal of the Car Care Clips is to give consumers a behind-the-scenes look at the repair shop experience to help calm the anxiety that many consumers feel when taking their vehicles to an auto repair shop so they don't postpone necessary maintenance and repairs," said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. "The four new episodes lay out the realistic expectations of working with a repair shop as well as highlight the actual repair process."

The council will be releasing the videos "Why Pay for Diagnostics?" on September 25, "Buying the Right Part" on October 9, "Preventative Maintenance is Key" on October 23 and "Before You Leave the Shop Checklist" on November 9, all on YouTube and their social media sites, helping car owners with everything from brakes to windshield wipers.

The videos will provide valuable information for individuals looking for the right auto repair shop as well as what questions to ask while there. In addition, the videos will offer information on consumers rights and the manufacturer's warranty on their vehicles.

The Car Care Council is also hosting the largest ever consumer vehicle check-up event at the 49th Annual Northwood University International Auto Show during October in Midland, Michigan.

The council is offering vehicle awareness strategies for car owners, providing free vehicle inspections by volunteer technicians as well as conducting educational demonstrations on preventative maintenance. Some of the technicians at the event will be students from Northwood's Automotive Aftermarket Management program.

"We put our students in real world situations with a unique internship program and the opportunity to travel to some of the industry's premiere automotive shows and events," said Larry Silvey, chair of Northwood's Automotive Aftermarket Management program. "The vehicle check-up event is another extraordinary way for our students to connect with the industry in which they will be working, and the bonus is that they will be helping the community while they're helping themselves."

The "Be Car Care Aware" guide will be available for consumers at the event, providing take-home information on maintenance tips for car owners.