The Car Care Council recently announced it will be hosting a free vehicle check up event for local car owners at Dow High School in Midland, Michigan, on October 7. The event will run parallel to the 49th annual Northwood University International Auto Show.

“October is Fall Car Care Month and to celebrate, we are hosting a free check-up event for car owners in and around Midland,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “This community event is an excellent opportunity for motorists to have their vehicles checked by professional service technicians, ask questions of the techs and learn more about their vehicles, all in a no-cost, no-pressure environment.”

The event will allow car owners to network, ask questions and receive service from expert technicians. Services at the event include oil and coolant level inspection and tire pressure and filter inspection. Aftermarket experts will also provide demonstrations to educate motorists on new parts compared to worn parts, including wiper blades, hoses, belts, tires, brakes pads and rotors, and dirty vs. clean engine oil and fluids.

For anyone who can't wait till October 7 to care for their often neglected windshield wipers, heed the following advice.

Windshield wipers ensure a driver is safe during the rain, as poor wipers can leave streaks or marks on a windshield that will impair visibility and could increase the risk of an accident. A motorist can tell if blades need replacement if they are scratching the windshield or are not dispersing water correctly.

Windshield wipers that are relatively new can be cleaned using a little rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth. Wipe the blades down and you'll be amazed by the difference.

For blades that are older and have accumulated some rust over the years, sand the rust off and a new paint job should fix the problem. Most new cars use metal for wiper blades, but older vehicles that still use metal need extra attention.

Wiper blades that have been damaged beyond repair can easily be replaced. The rubber can be replaced on the blades by pulling a clip and undoing the broken rubber. The entire wiper can also be replaced. Blades are cheaper than some other auto parts and ensure visibility while driving.