Driving provides a huge freedom to anyone, so it is no wonder senior citizens would be reluctant to give up their keys. Many car manufactures have adapted their vehicles to appeal to senior citizens by including large buttons, backup cameras and systems that tell drivers if they are veering of the road.

On the other hand, as a driver ages, their sight, reflexes and mental acuity make it harder and more dangerous for them to drive and hit the brakes fast enough. Special requirements are required in many states, including driver's education courses and additional road testing for seniors looking to renew their driver's license.

According to recent Consumer Reports analysis, older adults who continue to drive through their 80s have a five times greater risk of getting into a fatal accident when compared to middle aged drivers.

If a driver has been in a serious accident and does not know what to do with their totaled car, they can take advantage of these tips.

Sell it to your insurer
An insurer will provide the actual value of the vehicle after an accident. With the information provided, it is up to you to decide if it's worth fixing or selling. Some damage inflicted on older cars can end up costing more to fix than the actual value of the car, so selling it to an insurer might be the best option.

Fix it up
If you want to keep the car, take it to a local repair shop - as they are less expensive than dealerships - and have the car fixed up. Although a car may still have some cosmetic damage to it, as long as it is safe to drive, paying for the repairs can be cheaper, in the long run, than having to buy a new car altogether. 

Scrap it for parts
It is not likely that you would get more money than an insurer reselling the car for parts, but for some cars selling it for parts is the right decision. Selling it for parts gets money in your pocket without having to deal with other hassles, like repairs, which have the potential to be even more costly.

Donate it
There are plenty of donation services available that will tow the car for free and give you a tax deduction for the depreciated value of the car. The services will sell the car for parts, letting you, again, avoid the hassle.