Auto owners who want to receive the best performance out of their cars often have their vehicles checked to ensure the best quality, but there are still some motorists who put off repairs for as long as possible, which could be detrimental to their car and become an inconvenience when they need to travel from one place to another.

Putting off a repair can lead to major problems down the road. For example, if a motorist sees antifreeze spilled under their vehicle, it could mean that a hose needs to be checked and replaced, but if it is ignored auto owners could have a much bigger concern in the future and have to replace the entire engine block.

According to experts, taking care of a vehicle before a problem arises is much less expensive than waiting until a major problem arises. The owner's manual is known as the vehicle's bible and should be read by motorists who want to take the best care of their car.

"If it says to have your timing belt done at 60,000 miles, then you really seriously need to have your timing belt done at 60,000 miles," Consumer Reports automotive engineer Shawn Sinclair said. "There is a reason why they put that in there. They have done the research and they know that at 60,000 miles, this engine needs a timing belt."

Robert Sinclair, AAA representative, said that when it comes to who does the repairs, an independent repairman or dealership, motorists should choose the dealership if they still have the vehicle under warranty. If not, the independent repair shops may be cheaper and do just as good of a job. If that isn't the best option, Sinclair recommends trying to see if the repairs can be done by watching videos or researching the internet for repair options.

"There are step by step videos on there or photo montages on how to do these simple items and that can go a long way to saving you money," Sinclair said.

According to a Consumer Reports study, more drivers are delaying key repairs and maintenance on their cars, which can increase their risks and put their safety in danger. The recent economy has also been thought to be the cause of many Americans delaying repairs that they can't afford.