Car covers can be beneficial during any season. It can keep a car safe from the sun's harm, away from precipitation and protect it from dust in a garage. With motorists looking to spend less money on car maintenance these days, investing in a car cover could be a worthwhile investment.

It's important to make sure that the car cover being purchased fits the the tip of vehicle it will be protecting. A car cover that does not fit won't be very effective in protecting the car from weather conditions. The cover should fit snuggly over the vehicle and conform to the shape of the car.

Motorists should also make sure that the fabric of their car cover is breathable, meaning that it is ensures free circulation of air and no moisture build up and condensation will damage the paint on the body of the vehicle.

Car covers are also available for auto owners who live in areas where there could be harmful UV rays, protecting the vehicle from the sun and keeping it cool while covering it from any detrimental elements.

Auto owners can also purchase waxes & washes to make sure the vehicle's appearance is sustained for as long as possible. Consumer Reports recommended considering the age of the car before purchasing a wax and to watch out for abrasions.