With the summer heat finally subsiding, what better time is there than now to begin considering winterizing your car?

According to AccuWeather.com, there is a significant chance of a frigid winter coming for the 2012-2013 season. Experts believe this winter could be comparable to the cold bouts experienced in the late 1970s, and car owners need to be prepared.

"Today's cars and trucks are overall more reliable than ever before," Dan Woods, host and producer of Speed's Chop Cut Rebuild series, told the Journal Sentinal. "Still, certain systems in all vehicles are more susceptible to cold, snow and ice. It's important to prepare those systems to handle colder weather."

The impact cold weather can have on a vehicle can be detrimental, dangerous and not to mention could end up causing you to spend more money than necessary. In order to avoid auto incidents caused by the cold, consider the following tips.

Check your car tires before the season starts and be sure to monitor tread depth and tire pressure often during the season. It is also important not to forget checking your spare tire's tread and pressure. The cold weather can cause the rubber in tires to crack, increasing the likelihood of a blowout. It could also be a good idea to head to an auto repair shop for All Weather tires, especially for those of you in colder climates during the harsh winter.

Monitor your car battery connection and water level. Cold weather can cause a battery to work harder than normal, draining it quicker. It is important make sure connections are working properly and no corrosion is building up, especially when heading out into the cold.

"It's also a good idea to carry jumper cables, even if your battery is fairly new," Woods told the source. "You never know when cold weather will drain a battery, and those cables in your trunk could help someone else out of a jam."

Inspect belts and hoses in your vehicle. Like tires, many of your car's belts and hoses are made out of rubber, so the cold can break them down in the same way. It could save a huge hassle later, having them inspected and replaced at a service center now, while the weather's still warm.

Lastly, be sure to drive cautiously while in snow and ice. It is important to not only winterize your car, but also your driving habits.