When driving down the expressway at speeds passing 65 miles per hour, motorists are always in danger of damage done to their vehicle, which can come in the form of something as minor as a small rock hitting the windshield.

While a tiny rock hitting the windshield might not sound like it can do much damage, motorists have found that these small cracks that form in the window can spread and create a more unsightly crack across the windshield.

A new windshield can cost motorists an estimated $400 or $500, which might not include labor. Considering the cracked windshield can also leak if it's a bad seal, it's best to seek the most dependable windshield repair company to do the job.

According to CarsDirect.com, small cracks that are less than two inches long can be repaired by using a kit that's available at auto repair stores. Having an auto repair kit can help to fill in the cracks with epoxy, which prevents the small crack from spreading further across the windshield.