Driving on the road can be an exhilarating experience up until the vehicle needs to have a repair done to correct a problem that will eventually lead to the car breaking down.

Once a car breaks down, the hard task is finding a mechanic to repair the damages done, which can be the difference between the vehicle being completely free of any other repairs to be done in the near future or requiring major work to be done when one thing leads to another.

Motorists always desire to leave their car keys in the hands of a reliable and trustworthy mechanic who can get the job done in a short amount of time without compromising the quality of the repair.

"The best thing a consumer can do is to develop a good relationship with their mechanic that is going to help them to prevent problems," Angie's List owner Angie Hicks told KLEWTV. "Find a mechanic and test them out on small things, oil changes, and just basic items so they can develop a comfort level and the mechanic can get to know the car. "

According auto experts, drivers should make sure they do thorough research on auto repair shops and the repairs that needs to be done on the vehicle before just taking the car into any shop. Developing a long relationship with a mechanic and avoiding being rushed into making a last minute decision can lead to the car ultimately not receiving the best care that it could have.

When motorists have a reliable mechanic who has proven to be dependable, they have a tendency to feel more confident in their cars and the performance of the vehicle. While making sure all aspects of the car are taken care of, auto experts recommend making sure the oil is changed on a regular basis.

"The most important item that we would consider is the simplest one too and that is just getting your oil changed on a regular basis and we see it day in and day out," said automotive shop owner Kevin Beck to the source. "People who are rigorous about it get it changed every 3-5 thousand miles versus the people that go longer intervals and we rip open, err pull open the engines and look inside you can see the difference from the people that do it often."

Car owners should also be knowledgeable about their car and make sure they are taking all the necessary steps to ensure it's being taken care of properly. One other important aspect of taking care of a vehicle is making sure that the right grade of gasoline is being used that is specified in the owner's manual.

"No one likes to hear this, but read the owner's manual for your car," Hicks said. "It's amazing what it can tell you about your car and that will also help you be more educated when you are talking to your mechanic. If they are recommending something that is counter to the manual it's a time for you to say wait, maybe I need a second opinion."

BP issues gas recall
Motorists should also be sure to use a reliable brand of gasoline in their vehicle to prevent any unwanted accidents from happening. BP recently had to issue a recall of 50,000 barrels of fuel from a BP refinery in Northwest Indiana. An estimated 2.1 million gallons of gasoline were affected by the recall, which was found to also affect motorists in as many as four other states since last week.