Auto repair specialists around the country have recently released some of the best maintenance tips for car owners who are gearing up their vehicles for cold weather.

The most important aspect of vehicle maintenance is making sure the car's oil is changed regularly, auto experts stated. Having the oil changed is typically one of the least expensive maintenance tasks but could have the most impact on a vehicle's driving performance. When auto owners have their vehicle's oil changed on a regular basis, it also gives the mechanic a chance to explore other things that could be wrong with the car.

The easiest way to find a reliable mechanic is through word of mouth. Motorists should ask their family and friends or co-workers if they have a mechanic that they would recommend. Knowing that the mechanic also services one of their friends or family member's vehicle might make them more open to providing deals and getting the job done right.

Motorists can also find an auto club like AAA to join so they can receive a list of mechanics in their area that are certified and highly recommended. Mechanics can also be searched online to find the best repair services that are Auto Service Excellence-certified.

Local auto clubs can also be contacted if the owner of a specialty vehicle is searching for a mechanic to look at their car. The manufacturer of the vehicle can also be reached out to in order to find out which dealers have received the most service awards, which would reveal a history of reliable service.

Motorists should also plan ahead if they are planning to go on a major road trip instead of waiting until the last minute to have the vehicle repaired. Waiting until the last minute could result in major issues being found on the vehicle, which gives less time to prepare for alternate plans for the road trip.

Also, asking for the replaced parts is suggested in order to take away the possibility of the mechanic using the part on another customer's vehicle.

With the recently approved Right to Repair bill being implemented in Massachusetts, auto owners around the country are expected to receive better and more reliable service from mechanics. The Right to Repair bill forces dealerships to release their codes for tools and equipment used to repair cars that they manufacture.