With fall weather already on the horizon, many Americans are going to start testing out their heating systems in their vehicles.

If the heating system isn't working well when it's turned on, the auto owner should understand how the heater system works in the vehicle before visiting automotive services shops or trying to fix the problem on their own.

A car's heater is used to warm the passenger cabin of the vehicle and makes use of excess heat through its internal combustion process.

The car's heating system works off of the cooling system, which can sometimes be the originator of the issue if the heater isn't functioning properly. If the car has a coolant leak in the system, the heater will not be able to produce enough heat, which will cause the system to shut down and the engine to knock. Motorists should make sure the vehicle is as healthy as possible under the hood before taking a long trip during the fall or winter months.

Auto manufacturers have also recently introduced heated seats to vehicles, which can make passengers more comfortable during the cold weather months.