NASCAR is teaming up with Walmart for the upcoming Pure Michigan 400. Walmart will provide authentic NASCAR merchandise during the event, hosting fans and exclusive events.

The events will begin on August 15 and lasts until August 18. Customers of Walmart will be invited to take part in show car and simulator displays that will allow them to simulate the experience of being behind the wheel of a NASCAR vehicle.

The events will last from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily, depending on the location of the store. Stores will also provide NASCAR fans and customers with savings on all the food and snacks that are needed to enjoy a race at the track, in addition to T-shirts, racing flags and other authentic merchandise from the company.

"Walmart is the champion of the racing fan, and we are committed to providing customers with savings on authentic merchandise, as well as unique race time experiences," said Walmart market manager Mike Judd. "We want to give fans affordability and accessibility, so they can enjoy race time with their families and friends."

The 2013 NASCAR vehicles were recently approved, possibly changing the sport's landscape and improving the performance of racers, which has been an area of concern lately.