With more Americans expected to hold on to their cars longer in order to save money, more repairmen are expected to see an increased number of auto owners visiting their shops to have the cars repaired.

Considering car repairmen will see an increase in business over the next few years, auto owners should make sure that they choose the right mechanic instead of rushing into a decision and possibly getting scammed out of their money.

The Better Business Bureau, which services Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin, has received 400 complaints against auto repair and service shops since January, which calls for auto owners to thoroughly research mechanics before they settle on one to improve their car's performance.

The Better Business Bureau recommends taking time to get multiple estimates, finding trustworthy shops through their website, asking for a follow-up after the problem is found and asking for warranty information.

Massachusetts also recently passed a Right to Repair bill that allows mechanics to acquire the same tools dealerships use to repair vehicles, which will make car repairs much simpler for mechanics.