NASCAR has certainly seen its share of problems lately, with the latest incident coming at the Finger Lakes 335 at the Glen.

Racers complained this weekend following their affected performance because of the slick conditions on the track which were believed to be the the result of an oil spill. Marcos Ambrose came in first place, but not before vehicles skidded across the track because of the conditions.

Many of the drivers said after the race that NASCAR should have issued a caution, but officials claimed that they weren't aware of the dangerous conditions during the race, but racers argue that considering the number of spin-outs during the final lap, officials should have been aware of the issue.

Drivers and officials believe that Bobby Labonte's car was the reason for the oil spill at Watkins Glen International. NASCAR officials have defended their position to not issue a caution.

"The only corner-worker reports were that the 47 [Bobby Labonte] was smoking," NASCAR officials reported, adding that the oil spill was difficult to detect.

The next NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race will take place at Pure Michigan 400, which starts after noon.