Many auto owners go through the same vehicle woes that force them to take a car to a mechanic for them to improve the performance of the vehicle. Although repairs are a part of life if a consumer has a car, one part of the car makes owners cringe when it needs to be replaced: the transmission.

Mechanics often state that if a car needs a new transmission, it might be more cost effective to purchase another vehicle, but if the transmission doesn't need to be completely replaced, auto owners should make sure they receive two opinions on what needs to be done to their vehicle.

The transmission includes the gears, shafts and other related parts that transmits power from the engine to the wheels. An automatic transmission makes sure the power delivered to the wheels keeps the engine running at a specific revolutions per minute.

Auto owners who are looking to go to a mechanic to have their transmission repaired should be cautious of repairmen taking advantage of them to increase their profit.