Massachusetts recently made history by becoming the first state to pass the Right to Repair Act, which requires automakers to provide dealerships with the tools needed to repair vehicles.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives voted to approve the bill by an overwhelming 153-0 total following the senate also unanimously passing the bill. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed the bill into law recently.

The Coalition for Auto Repair Equality introduced the bill to Congress in 2001. The bill was introduced as more vehicles had an increased level of technology, making non-proprietary repair codes almost impossible to obtain. With repair codes difficult to come by, independent repair shops were forced to turn potential customers away to dealerships because they were the only ones who could repair the vehicle.

"We believe that this bill ensures an acceptable agreement that will safeguard all of the stakeholders," the Right to Repair Coalition, Massachusetts State Dealers Association, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Global Automakers said in a joint letter to legislators. "It will preserve choice for Massachusetts vehicle owners, protect manufacturers' intellectual property and preserve the integrity of the role of the dealer in the repair process, and continue innovation in motor vehicle diagnostics."

The Right to Repair Act has support from a plethora of organizations, which include The American Automobile Association, The National Grange, The American Military Society and RetireSafe.

According to Sandy Bass-Coors, executive director of The Coalition for Auto Repair Equality, vehicle repair is an American tradition and it shouldn't take Olympian efforts for auto repair shops to give their customers what they need during a time when the economy isn't at its best.

"The Bi-Partisan-Sponsored Right to Repair Act in Congress, HR 1449, continues to garner cosponsors," said Bass-Coors. "Every Member of Congress should be cosponsored on this pro-consumer/pro-small business legislation which helps to maintain and grow jobs in the nearly five-million-employee-strong aftermarket, without using government/taxpayers' funding, without creating new regulations and without requesting or requiring proprietary information."

Considering auto repairs to increase a vehicle's performance has become more expensive in the past few months, having a trusted auto repair shop is imperative to auto owners who are looking for the best deals to make sure their vehicle is in the best shape.