NASCAR is one of America's most popular sports, but the racetrack has seen less fans in attendance lately as the races that have recently taken place have lacked in excitement, according to Yahoo! Sports. The sport is now considering improving its performance.

Attendance has become a major concern for NASCAR as just a few years ago, the sport was attracting an estimated 270,000 and last year, the numbers dwindled down to 138,000. Many are attributing the boring races to the drop in attendance, which NASCAR CEO has vowed to work on by adjusting the races and doing whatever he could to make sure the races are more exciting than previous ones.

If the crowds become too small, the sport may not find it worthwhile financially to pay a sanctioning fee for the track, but as long as there are enough fans in the seats, NASCAR will continue under its normal rules and procedures.

Indy's 2.5-miles raceway was normally the only place that the Indianapolis 500 would take place, but NASCAR has altered the schedule, sending more races to the track. The change in venue for NASCAR races is thought by some to possibly damage Indy's reputation and provide it with overexposure.

The racing league recently ditched the Lucas Oil Raceway Park, where the stands were crowded for Nationwide and Truck races every year. They are now pairing up with its junior circuit with the Grand-Am sports cars as part of the Super Weekend. Many fans complained of the Lucas Oil Race Park being taken away, but NASCAR is looking at the move at a financial standpoint, looking to earn as much revenue as possible from the races being at a different venue.

NASCAR also recently announced that it could possibly change its qualifying rule next season, eliminating the top-35 rule to focus back on bringing speed to the sport.

''The top 35 was a good rule when we had impound races and that stuff,'' Pemberton said. ''But I think there's a lot of folks that like that speed gets you in.''