Auto owners are always looking for ways to make their vehicles look better, including replacing their current hubcaps for ones they feel will make their car stand out more. With summer in full swing, auto experts suggested the best ways to select and replace new hubcaps on cars.

To replace hubcaps, auto owners should first determine what size and style they want and if its available. If replacing only one or two hubcaps, drivers should look into calling the dealership where they purchased the vehicle to better their chances of finding a match.

If the dealership the car was purchased from doesn't have any matching hubcaps available, it should be able to be found online on sites such as Ebay. Making sure of what the return policy is would also be smart just in case the fit isn't right.

Inspecting the remaining hubcaps on the car should be done before replacing the older one in order to see how they are attached. Some hubcaps are easily snapped on while some require fitting with screws. Some hubcaps also require motorists to take off the lug nuts before removing the hubcap.

Brake Safety Awareness Month is beginning next week, which could attract more drivers to have their entire vehicles checked to ensure safety on the roads.