Sweltering heat this summer has swept through the country and caused damage along the way, endangering the health of Americans as well as the safety of drivers who are more prone to overheated vehicles.

Specifically in St. Louis, Missouri, law enforcement has reported that dangerously high temperatures are creating life-threatening conditions for drivers, who are experiencing car trouble at an increased level than when the temperatures are lower.

“It’s bad for tires and it’s bad for the entire vehicle,” said AAA’s Phil Linck. “This black asphalt is probably 125 degrees. You add some more heat because the tires low on air pressure.”

Despite the heat being at record temperatures this year, keeping a hold on driving skills is imperative to ensuring safety on the roads. Drivers should maintain distance between other cars to make sure they can stop in the event of the driver's car experiencing malfunctions with the brakes.

Link added that the most important thing is to make sure to keep a good following distance from you and the car in front of you so there is enough reaction time on the road.

According to AAA, many drivers neglected the fact that they needed to have their vehicles and all of its parts inspected from season-to-season because of the mild winter, but visiting an automotive services company is encouraged to ensure safety during the transition from cold to warm weather.

AAA recommends that drivers pull off the road and call for help if a vehicle is experiencing problems to ensure safety.

With the summer heat being an issue for many Americans, auto repair experts encourage regular maintenance on vehicle throughout the summer in order to keep a car in the best shape and delivers superior performance.