Looking for better ways to take care of you car? Since the beginning of the recession and auto industry collapse, many Americans have looked for more dependable and fuel efficient cars that would result in the least amount of repairs and the best fuel efficiency. This hasn't changed.

Despite purchasing a brand new vehicle, car owners will want to maintain the vehicle's quality by making sure everything is handled with the best of care. Car owners can only do this by paying attention to every warning light and maintenance tip suggested in the owner's manual given by the dealership at the time of purchase.

Getting the oil, fluids & chemicals changed is a universal rule for all cars that many auto owners neglect to do until the oil light comes on the vehicle's dashboard. Dave Tillman, an instructor of automotive technology at Henry Ford Community College, told the Detroit News that auto owners should beware of any old oil and filter.

"The people who made your car did all of their development and testing with the brand of oil filter the car came with," he said. He added that Motorcraft was most likely used for Ford, Mopar for Chrysler vehicles and ACDelco for GM products. "That's what you should request - it's a good value in the long run."

Another important aspect of vehicle maintenance is making sure to read the car's manual, which is supplied for owners to know the best methods that can be taken to care for a car. Most people avoid reading the owner's manual, but looking over the specifications and operating instructions can be a valuable time investment that could pay off in the long run, helping to take better care of the vehicle.

Keeping the trunk free of junk can also add extra time on to a car's life. Weighing the vehicle down with old milk crates and items that have been transferred from one car to another for the past several years can have a detrimental effect on some vehicles and take away from the free space that could be opened in the vehicle.

Purchasing a notebook or folder of some sorts to keep up with the car's information can also be important to maintaining a vehicle's health. A simple folder or notebook can hold information such as the date of purchase, odometer reading when the owner took the keys and things like oil changes, repairs, insurance coverage amongst other things.

Upgrading a car's fuel economy and engine life by switching to a high grade of synthetic motor oil is also suggested. Synthetic motor oil is better for the vehicle and can leave more money in the pockets of the driver as opposed to paying for car repairs in the future. When compared to conventional motor oils, premium synthetic oils allow drivers to go more miles between oil changes, which reduced maintenance costs and the amount of time spent around a car repair shop.

Getting a quote from insurance companies on auto insurance can also be a beneficial step to making sure car repairs are taken care of. Prices can vary from company to company, which makes it a good thing to do research by viewing at least three price quotes by internet or calling an insurance agent directly.