The transition from winter to summer can sometimes be detrimental to the health of a vehicle, but there are preventive tactics that could help car owners keep their vehicles safe from the rain and other weather conditions that could shorten the life of a car.

Keeping a clear view around you on the road can be the difference between a vehicle being safe on the road and an accident being inevitable, which is why drivers are encouraged to make sure windshield wipers and washer fluids are in the best condition. Wipers and washer fluids are especially important during times when its raining. Dirt and grime from other cars could make your vehicle's windshield dirty, making the two components a necessity.

An Anti-Lock Braking System is also important to preventing the car from skidding when attempting to apply the brakes. An Anti-Lock Braking System that is in the best shape prevents the car from skidding. Car owners should have their brakes inspected periodically to prevent any damage to the vehicle.

Drivers are encouraged to allow more time for traveling and brake earlier with less force you normally would when driving in the rain. More precaution should be taken in rough weather conditions.