If you want your car to look and feel as fresh and clean as the first day you brought it home, you're going to need to put in a little work. Cleaning and waxing the exterior will let other drivers know how much you love your vehicle, but detailing the interior ensures your passengers will feel honored to ride in your car.

Gather your supplies

You're going to need a few different items to make the inside of your car sparkle and shine. Paper towels can be used to wipe down surfaces and windows, or you can use clean rags if you don't want to make a lot of trash. Just make sure the cloth won't leave behind a lot of fibers or your hard work will all be for naught. You will also want to get a carpet cleaner for the floors and cloth seats. If your vehicle has a leather interior, get your hands on a product designed for the material.

For the plastic surfaces, you can use a mild all-purpose cleaning agent that you probably already have in your home. There are also cleaning wipes made specifically for use in vehicles. These work well, and you can keep them in the glove compartment so you can wipe down the car from time to time to keep up the shine. You will also want to have garbage bags for all your trash and a vacuum on hand.

Get all the stuff out first

Before you even think about cleaning the car, you have to get all your junk out of the way. Remove everything from the car. This is a great time to throw out all the trash and bring unnecessary items into your home so they're not cluttering up your car. Once the extraneous items have been removed, pull out the floor mats so you can clean them and the spaces underneath. Then, grab the vacuum. You can use a heavy-duty vacuum at a car wash for just a few quarters if yours is not very effective. Make sure to get between seat cushions and underneath car seats to remove all the dirt and tiny bits of debris that have been tracked in on your shoes. Use the seat adjusters to gain access to the space under any seats that can be moved.

Start scrubbing away all the grime

Now it's time to grab your cleaners and get to work. Start by scrubbing any stains in the floor carpets, fabric mats and seats with the fabric cleaner. If the floor mats are rubber or plastic, you can just rinse them off with a hose or wipe them down with a damp rag. Then, move onto the other surfaces. You may want to open all the doors to get plenty of air circulation when you're spraying cleaners all over the place.

You can twist up your rags or paper towels to get to hard to reach spots. Cotton swabs are also great for the tough spots. Make sure you get every surface from the slats of your air vents to the bottom of your center console.

When you're done, hang an air freshener on the rear-view mirror. You'll know you are a master cleaner if your friends ask whether you had the car professionally detailed. Even if they don't, you can still be proud your car is no longer a mobile closet, garbage can, or dirt mobile.