Air fresheners are a great way to keep your car smelling nice, but these days there are so many options it can be hard to pick the right one. You can stick with the traditional tree that hangs from the rearview mirror, or choose from an assortment of other methods to cover up pesky odors.

Some air fresheners, like the trees, are meant to add a hint of decoration, but be careful about where you put them, as some states have laws about obstructing the view. Instead of hanging an air freshener on the rearview mirror, you can wedge it under a sun visor or tie it to a door handle.

You can opt for low-key fresheners that come in tins. Simply stash one under the driver's seat and no one will know the secret to your sweet-scented ride. There are also clip-on air fresheners that attach to the vent and are great for circulating the scent.

If you want to simply eliminate odors in your car instead of covering them up with "pine" or "new car smell" you can opt for odor eliminators that trap and absorb unpleasant fragrances. However, there are so many different air freshener scents that range from classic car scents to designer fragrances you should have no trouble choosing something that pleases your nose.