For the second year in a row, the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway ended with Brad Keselowski in victory lane - although a possible missed call made the race closer than it might have been otherwise.

For much of the day, Keselowski was dueling up front with Daytona 500 winner Matt Kenseth. As is common in NASCAR, the two drivers were side-by-side on a restart after a crash.

The rules of restarting the race are complex, but essentially the idea is that the position must be maintained. Keselowski was in first and Kenseth was in second, so Keselowski has to cross the starting line before Kenseth, or else the second-placed driver would be penalized.

However, the replay showed that Kenseth undoubtedly got to the line ahead of Keselowski on the restart, which should have been a violation in many fans' eyes. Unfortunately, it's not so simple. Drivers are given some leeway to begin accelerating before the starting line, but there's a rule in place that drivers who don't take this opportunity to hit the gas are vulnerable to losing their spot. NASCAR ruled that Keselowski didn't accelerate enough, which meant Kenseth's move was legal.

"It's such a ball/strike call that I don't know… I'd hate to be on NASCAR's side trying to decide that he beat you to the start/finish line," Keselowski told the news source. "I can tell you that there's two yellow lines on the wall and visually you can't tell that someone goes 50 feet before them or right at them... So it's very very subjective and I think when things are as subjective as that is, a no-call is the right call."

In the end, the call didn't matter because Kenseth didn't win the race. Although he grabbed the lead after the controversial restart, Keselowski took it back on a subsequent red flag. He was then able to hold off Kenseth by a hair in order to claim the win, his second at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Earlier in the week, Keselowski said that his vehicle was the best Sprint Cup car he had ever driven. However, he also acknowledged an affinity for the track where he's had success in the past.

"What can I say?" Keselowski told the news source. "I love Bristol and Bristol loves me."