While some drivers worry about the color or accessories of their car, others choose to focus on the wheels. These can be real show-stoppers, and keeping them in top condition is sure to get you noticed on the streets. However, you should do some research into what kind of material your wheels are made of, as simple cleaning methods may have the opposite effect on them.

Yahoo Autos reports that drivers of cars featuring aluminum wheels can typically use any type of wax designed for a base coat or a clear finish. However, you must make sure to choose wax or polish that does not include abrasives, this includes chrome polish, rubbing compound or a paint that claims to restore faded colors. According to the source, these waxes can actually scratch or dull the clear coat on your wheel.

When aluminum wheels are mounted against a steel brake drum, it could create an electrolytic corrosion. This can cause the wheel to stick to the drum, making it difficult to remove. This is why it's a good idea to pay attention to the inside of the wheel, by painting the drum or applying a coat of synthetic brake grease to the back of the wheel. This preventative measure could stop corrosion from occurring, leaving your wheels in good condition.

Aluminum wheels are not for everyone, some people prefer to invest in chrome wheels for an extra pop to their ride. This comes with its own kind of care. While these wheels look as good as new for an extended period of time, as they start to age you'll have to keep up with taking care of them. By using a specialized chrome cleaner in a spray form, you should use fine-grit steel wool and break away the buildup developing on the rims.

Still, depending on how old your rims are, it could take a little extra care. Rim cleaner that offers an acidic base is common, and is known for removing caked on dirt. After you're satisfied with the cleaner's job, you should wash the rims with soup and water and polish them with a cloth to get a like-new shine.