Auto maintenance can help extend the lifespan of a vehicle and avoid the cost of more expensive car repairs, but many drivers may not know exactly what parts of their vehicle they should be targeting when it comes to maintenance.

Cars are complex machines with many moving parts, and there's a lot that a driver needs to be aware of when it comes to maintenance. That being said, one of the easier things to focus on is the car's fluids. They might not seem all that important, but regularly changing out these liquids can help ensure that major parts of the car - like an engine or radiator - don't become severely damaged.

Everyone knows about oil changes and how important they are, but engine coolant and transmission fluid are often overlooked. Coolant keeps the entire engine operating at the correct temperature and has the potential to become acidic, which could result in the fluid eating through critical parts.

The transmission fluid is there to keep the system lubricated and also ward off heat, which are the major two enemies of transmissions. Transmission fluid doesn't have to be changed as regularly as motor oil, but it's nearly as important when it comes to saving money. If this part of the car is damaged, it's typically one of the more expensive repairs on a vehicle.