Kyle Busch is not officially suspended anymore for his actions at the WinStar World Casino 350K at Texas Motor Speedway, but the driver may not be out of the woods yet, as the Associated Press reports that his sponsor may be calling for him to sit out at least one more race.

Busch was involved in an incident with fellow racer Roy Hornaday Jr. during the early laps of the WinStar race. Upset with Hornaday for something that happened during the race, Busch intentionally drove Hornaday into the wall while the race was under caution, ending Hornaday's championship hopes. Busch did not try to paint the incident as an accident, taking responsibility for his actions after the race and admitting he intentionally put Hornaday into the wall.

"I lost my cool, no doubt about it," he told reporters after the race. "I've been wrecked four weeks in a row, and I've had enough of it, and I retaliated. So it's certainly my fault for doing that. If everybody wants to say, 'Hornaday is racing for a championship, roll over,' that's not my fashion. That's not anybody else's fashion out here."

NASCAR "parked" Busch for the rest of the weekend, banning him from competing in the O'Reilly Auto Parts Challenge and the AAA Texas 500. After the weekend was over, Busch was more repentant in his comments to the media, apologizing to Hornaday and fans of NASCAR for his actions.

Busch has a history of incidents both on and off the track, but seemed to be relatively more mature and less aggressive in recent months. In his apology after the racing weekend, Busch said he had taken "a step backward" in learning to control his anger on the track.

NASCAR fined Busch $50,000, but said it would allow Busch to race this upcoming weekend. However, that may not come to fruition. The AP reports that Z-Line Designs, which sponsors Busch in the Nationwide series, has asked for him to be replaced with Denny Hamlin for this weekend. Busch may also be forced to sit out of the Sprint Cup series, depending on what M&M's, the sponsor of his car in that series, wants to do.

Joe Gibbs Racing, the team that Busch competes for, has not said if Busch's job is in jeopardy or if this is a one-time punishment. It would not be the first time Busch has been fired, as Hendrick Motorsports parted ways with him in 2007 to sign Dale Earnhardt Jr.