When it's time to get an oil change, there are a few other things that should be addressed as well. The oil filter should be changed, and this is a good opportunity to check other fluid levels as well. Another thing that should be addressed is chassis lubrication.

While most new vehicles have sealed joints and front-end parts, such as ball joints, tie rod ends and U-joints, that are "lubed for life", this is not the case for older cars and light trucks or even for some newer ones. If you notice that your vehicle squeaks and creaks when you drive on bumpy roads, it probably means that it could use a lube job. When the factory grease dries up, the car will not only squeal and squeak like a creepy rocking chair in a horror movie, but the joints will also begin to wear out.

On vehicles that require intermittent lubrication, the joints will have grease fitting to allow for easy access. All it takes to add lubrication to these parts is a grease gun and chassis grease. The fittings should be wiped clean of dirt and debris before adding grease to the joints so the particles do not get inside, which could cause damage.