Carbon monoxide is often referred to as "the silent killer," because the odorless, invisible and tasteless gas is used in many different applications, but is poisonous to humans in large amounts. Thousands of people around the world are estimated to die from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning each year.

You might not realize it, but your car is one source of this dangerous gas. This is nearly the entire reason for a car's exhaust system - to direct the flow of carbon monoxide away from the part of the vehicle where drivers are inhabited. Once in the open air, the gas is basically harmless, as it will dissipate quickly and there's no way enough can build up to be a danger. However, a leak into the car can be very dangerous, and thus this is something that all drivers should be aware of.

This is especially true for those making modifications to their exhaust system. Not only must you be careful when working on the system itself, but you should also take precautions when laying the new exhaust pipe for the vehicle. If this part becomes loose or is not sufficiently away from the passenger compartment, gas can leak into your vehicle, causing major problems. This is why you need to ensure that your new exhaust pipe is properly fitted to the car.

Some people like to weld their pipe into place, but this can be expensive and is also a bit of a hassle, as you'll likely need a professional to do it. Fortunately, installing exhaust clamps is easy, and ensures that there will be no possible leaks from the pipe. The clamp comes in a horseshoe shape, which fits over the pipe itself. There's then a base piece that attaches to the clamp to form a perfect circle around the pipe.

From there, you'll need to attach and tighten two hex nuts to the clamp to keep the base piece attached to the pipe. If you have a power tool like an impact gun, you can use this to tighten the two nuts. Otherwise, you'll need a ?-inch ratchet to get the job done.

You may need to attach multiple clamps to ensure that the pipe is secured tightly. Fortunately, the process shouldn't take you much longer than a few minutes.