Auto maintenance can go a long way toward extending the lifespan of a vehicle, but even the most careful owners can't approach the accomplishment of Jo LoCicero and his 1990 Honda Accord.

LoCicero, a resident of Norway, Maine, was able to take care of his 1990 Honda Accord to the point that he just passed the million-mile mark on the vehicle. LoCicero is the first person to ever achieve this on a Honda, according to a spokesperson for the Japanese company.

As recognition of his efforts, a local car dealer held a parade for LoCicero and the vehicle, which has been affectionately named "True Blue." LoCicero was also given a brand-new 2012 Honda Accord.

So what's LoCicero's secret to keeping the car running this long? Well, it helps that he's a certified auto mechanic. The technician bought the car in 1996, when it was already considered to be somewhat old with 74,000 miles on it.

From there, the maintenance expert kept a rigorous maintenance schedule, according to the Kennebac Journal. In particular, he watched his fluid levels like a hawk, rotated his tires, and did all his own oil changes. LoCicero tracked every bit of work he did on the car in his notebook, so he could ensure that he was sticking to a schedule.

That attention to detail and care got the vehicle through the vast chunk of its million-mile journey. The car broke down for the first time at 741,000 miles, when the fuel pump blew out. At that point, the vehicle had become a running joke in the LoCicero family, and his children simply laughed that the car had finally given up.

Yet LoCicero didn't. He rebuilt the fuel pump and continued to do more maintenance on the vehicle. Some might assume that he replaced the engine or transmission at some point, but LoCicero claims he never did. He did take the engine apart at one point to deal with a carbon issue, but put it back together when he was through.

Obviously, not everyone has the technical expertise of LoCicero, but his story shows an example of what drivers can accomplish if they keep up with their maintenance and repairs.

"Joe is a testament to what you can do if you maintain your car," Ron Russell, a local auto dealer, told the news source. "Thankfully, not many people do it, or we’d be out of business."