Dents are an unfortunate part of owning an automobile, and chances are that you'll run into a few dings on your car's exterior over time. Whether it's due to an accident or your car got slammed with a golf ball, these unsightly blemishes can ruin your vehicle's appearance. Fortunately, minor cosmetic indents can be fixed with car recovery equipment.

Do-it-yourself dent repair kits have become quite popular, and they're relatively simple to use. First, clean the dent and the area around it. Your kit should come with a piece known as the bridge, and this uses suction force to attach to the car. Thus, it's important that the area is clean before attempting to attach this piece.

Apply adhesive bonding to the dent puller itself, then place this piece perpendicular to the dent. Fortunately, there's no manual pulling required to actually fix the dent, as most kits use a wing nut to tighten the bridge. As the nut is screwed in, the dent puller will act in opposition and begin to pull out the dent.

Once the indentation is repaired, it's simply a matter of cleaning off the adhesive bonding and admiring your handiwork.