Rising gas prices are a fact of life, but there are ways that drivers can save money at the pump outside of just trying to drive less. The easiest way to improve fuel economy is to drive safely and smartly. Every time you slam on the brakes, you use more gas than if you were to apply steady pressure to slowly come to a stop. The same is true for acceleration - flooring it at a green light uses more gas than easing up to your cruising speed.

Aside from driving defensively, maintaining a vehicle can sustain its fuel economy and even improve it. You should get regular oil changes and keep an eye on transmission and brake fluid, as well as coolant levels. Too little of any of these fluids can negatively affect the engine's performance, which will use more gas in turn.

It is wise to keep an eye on air filters in the engine as well. The engine air filter is designed to catch all of the debris and other particles that come in with the air so they do not get into the combustion chamber. When the air filter is too clogged, it could lead to an improper ratio of air and fuel in the engine and a decline in performance.