Nearly everyone will end up with a small chip in their windshield at one point, and it can be a bit annoying if left alone. A brand-new windshield runs hundreds of dollars and will require an expert to install it. You could hire a glass worker to simply fix the imperfections, but this can also be costly.

However, there are many windshield repair kits on the market, and these are quite affordable. They may not completely remove all evidence of a chip, but they do provide a nice quick fix until you decide what to do with your car's windshield. They're also quite easy to operate.

Start off parking your car in the shade, as you don't want the windshield in direct sunlight. Clean the area around the imperfection with an alcohol pad, then use a pin to remove any loose chips of glass from the crevice. Clean the area again before attaching the donut-shaped adhesives that come in the kit. The pedestal then sticks to the adhesives.

Now empty about three-quarters of your resin into the pedestal before attaching the syringe. Push the syringe into the pedestal so that the seal is airtight in the crevice. Resin should be flowing into the crack. Draw the plunger back and twist the syringe so that it locks into place. Leave this for about ten minutes before continuing. This is to draw any air bubbles out of the hole.

Then, push the plunger back down so that the resin goes back into the hole - hopefully free of any air bubbles this time. Let this sit for about 20 minutes. Once that's done, you can use a razor (usually included in the kit) to cut off the adhesives and pedestal. Some resin may flow out at this point, so make sure you have a cloth or paper towels to wipe it up.

Now move the car into sunlight and put the remaining resin directly into the center of the break. Cover it with a plastic strip included in your kit. The sunlight will quickly harden the resin and leave your windshield hopefully looking like new. Even if there are imperfections, don't fret - the resin is at least preventing the windshield from cracking further.