Racer Travis Pastrana is already somewhat of a household name thanks to his numerous ventures in just about everything that has an engine or wheels. The rider seemingly has competed in just about every race or stunt sport known to man, and has taken home championships in quite a few as well.

However, one area that he hasn't conquered yet is NASCAR. Pastrana always wanted to race in the prestigious series, and he looked close to getting his wish this year when he was admitted to the Nationwide competition.

Despite his upcoming debut in NASCAR, Pastrana just couldn't resist his motorcycle, however. At the X Games, he attempted a risky stunt and ended up fracturing his ankle. The injury put the rider on crutches and has ended his season, meaning he will have to delay his debut for another year.

Pastrana said that he learned his lesson and would be avoiding stunts in the future as he focuses on his new NASCAR career.

"Not to say my action sports career is done, but as far as anything taking risks, I’m definitely going to be in this car and trying to do the best that I can to put my best foot forward," said Pastrana. "That was the most disappointing thing in my life not only to have myself but to have an entire team that was waiting for me and banking on me being in the car. A lot of friends had to find other work. Definitely something I took to heart and I don’t ever want to happen again."